Horsington to shed its clothes –and inhibitions –in summer nudie stunt

Horsington's nudists rehearse for the big event in July when they will lay down in front of a hedging machine.
Horsington’s nudists get fit for the “Moon in June” event on June 4th, when they will lay down in front of a hedging machine.

Horsington is set to join the famous art movement of American photographer Spencer Tunick – by taking its clothes off for a public spectacular in June!

Tunick, who is famous for his art works featuring naked bodies, has photographed “naked”pieces at the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Institut Cultura in Barcelona, Spain, the Baltic Centre in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, and in Salford and Manchester. He intends to recruit the inhabitants of Horsington –of all ages and genders- to pose naked in an artistic tableau entitled “Moon in June”, which will feature a meadow full of naked bodies in front of a hedge trimming machine. It is not known whether the driver will be clothed.

The artist was approached by a group of villagers after the successful Village Dinner back in February.

Inspired by the community spirit of the dinner, they decided to plan 2 events to celebrate village life. One, a Summer Ball, is still at the concept stage, but the other, the naked art installation to commemorate the traditional May hedge cutting season in Horsington, was down to a single phone call.

Mrs Ameila Badger, who wishes to remain anonymous, had the idea after listening to an item on Radio 4 about a similar project in Hull. Explained Mrs Badger, “in Hull they want to paint people and get them wet. Here in Horsington, which is much closer than Hull, we prefer the idea of natural flesh tones blending in with the gamboge tints of an agricultural machine”. The artist agreed and immediately saw the potential and gave the go-ahead after a 3-way satellite teleconference on April 1st.

The project will take place on Saturday June 4th, the day before the New Moon, and will be staged either in the grounds of Horsington Manor, if permission is given, or on the cricket pitch, which will have been freshly-rolled after the annual cricket match between Horsington and the Tabard Pilgrims from Chiswick. (This match will be fully clothed-Ed).

As the weather can often be a bit tricky at that time of the year,  the ever-helpful and public-spirited Mr Samson of Somerset Mini Marquees, will erect a suitable shelter to protect participants from the elements. Teas will be provided by the Half Moon and the WVS.

Over 4,000 people applied for 1,000 places for “Everyday People”, which was staged in 2010 in eight secret locations around Salford and Manchester, with volunteers ferried between each location in heated buses. Horsington’s needs are more modest – we just need 400 people.

To volunteer, please sign up  by emailing editor @idnet.com. Do not send a photograph.
Come on, don’t be shy -Ed

Mrs Badger writes. . .

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