JUNE 2020

Apparently it depends who you are, but sensible people will remain alert, avoid long journeys and mixing with others, with the expectation that the virus will eventually die out and allow us, once more, to socialise

If you need help or support in these trying times ring
Vicky and Tom Todd 07932 958524
Penny and Marcus Ferguson 01963 370857
Victoria and Evan 01963 371197
Emma Riley 01963 370830
Deborah and David 01963 370867

There are several food businesses in the area offering delivery and Takeaways including The White Horse, South Cheriton who are offering both food and drink. 01963 370394

Please support local business where you can

The old telephone box in South Cheriton has books and dvds.

Church services via ZOOM

Evening Prayer daily at 7pm
Sunday service at 10am
Contact revkrogers@gmail.com for details

Follow Government Guidelines and stay alert

Stay Safe

Half Moon Opening hours in August

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday

It was lovely to see so many of you on Sunday for the first time in ages! Here are our new opening hours. Booking for food is essential either via Facebook or by calling 01963 370140- Andrew

Friday 6-11pm – food served 7-9pm
Saturday 6-11pm – food served 7-9pm
Sunday 12-5pm – food served 12-2pm
Tuesday 6-10pm – food served 7-9pm

Every Tuesday in August is Steak Night! Using your Eat Out To Help Out concession, 2 x 10oz Rump steaks with all the trimmings for just £15! Yes!

Those Cheesemakers have done it again

Marcus Fergusson and Penny Nagel

Not content with invading mainland Europe (well, the Netherlands actually), the intrepid cheesemakers of Horsington Marsh have scooped another major award in the world of cheesemaking. Marcus and Penny, of Felthams Farm have won Best British Cheese with their famous Renegade Monk cheese, beating a Cornish Gouda and a Rutland Red, which came second and third respectively.

They also won their class- Best artisan (soft) cheese.

Over 300 cheeses were entered into the competition, including many well-known producers.

The awards were given by the Virtual Cheese Awards. “Virtual”, because of the Coronavirus lockdown. The judging of the 30 finalists was live on Zoom last Saturday.

The Virtual Cheese Awards were created during the COVID-19 pandemic and aimed to demystify and celebrate British cheese and its producers in a time of great need. 

Sarah de Wit, co-founder of the Virtual Cheese Awards and Cheese & Dairy consultant said:

“Renegade Monk is a very worthy winner and a fantastic example of a small artisan cheesemaker that is reinventing what a British cheese should be. We really are leading the world with our exceptional cheesemakers and we’re super proud to shine a light on them. All we ask is that consumers go out and buy these cheeses and support our British cheese industry.”

Marcus Fergusson, founder of Feltham’s Farm said of the win: “We are still completely over the moon; honoured and stunned in equal measure. We watched the judging live as a family, crowded around a computer screen…there was a refreshing transparency to the judging process and it was fascinating to hear all of the cheeses analysed by such knowledgeable and unflinching judges.

“Winning this award is huge for a tiny artisan producer like us. We sold our first cheese in March 2017 and last year sold just 6,000 cheeses. We are profoundly grateful for the exposure that the Virtual Cheese Awards has brought us and many other artisan cheese producers – we all need all the help we can get right now and we hope that the awards will encourage the public to keep buying artisan cheese from small outlets and not return to the supermarket habits of old!”

More info HERE

Brilliant! -Ed

Dont just say “cheese”, buy some! Wear it!

Those intrepid cheesemongers from Feltham’s Farm are on a roll! You can also buy the fabulous Renegade Monk from Kimbers Farm shop and The Fine Cheese Co.

Why not acquire a trendy T shirt, just the thing for a socially-distanced knees-up? HERE

Marcus Fergusson in the latest fashion – 100% organic cotton T shirtv- x small, medium or x large available

Michelin stars for Marcus and Penny at Feltham’s Farm

Now being served in Michelin- starred restaurants Mijn Keuken in Wouw,  Joelia in Rotterdam, Tribecca in Heeze, and Nastrium, in Helmond( no Michelin star but named in the Michelin guide as a new potential)

Marcus Fergusson and his wife Penny Nagle, who make Horsington’s famous “Renegade Monk” cheese at Feltham’s Farm down on the marsh, have scored international success by penetrating three top-end Michelin -starred restaurants in the Netherlands, plus one other Dutch restaurant named in the Guide as a potential star venue.

Their  aroma-rich cheese is twaddling with personality and flavour. It has won numerous awards at international and national shows, including Best Food producer at the WDP Food and Farming Awards,  Gold in the Taste of the West Awards and Silver (twice) in the British Cheese Awards, all in 2019. Not bad, since they only started in 2017.

For the technically minded, it’s an organic, soft rind washed (in ale), blue cheese, made using locally sourced organic milk. For the non-technically minded it’s a cheese for grown-ups to be enjoyed with an English white wine,  Sauternes, Barsac or Montbazillac, and can also be gently baked and used in imaginative recipes – see the renegade Monk website. https://www.felthamsfarm.com/our-cheese/

It’s no surprise that the Dutch have taken to it, as the cheese is inspired by continental soft cheeses such as Epoisse, and Marcus and Penny are delighted that their Somerset take on it has made it to the top table.

Locally, you may find it in Andrew Barclay’s or the Charleton Horethorne Village Shop, plus markets in Frome and Bridport. Or you can call at the farm and ask if there’s any for sale. 01963 370857

So Well done Marcus and Penny – Horsington’s ambassadors!

Penny Nagle and Marcus Fergusson

Horsington Church services to start in August

We are delighted to welcome the Rev Kevin Rogers to the Blog, a delightful man. Ed

Horsington Church
Horsington Church, painted by Philp Rawlings

Church Services to resume………but with a difference

We now have permission and guidance on opening our church buildings to the public for corporate worship.  However, as with all guidance, decisions, and actions, they are under constant review and may change.  

We cannot at this stage return to what we know.  We are returning to the same buildings, but not to church as we would necessarily recognise it, expect it, or know it.  Rather, we are attempting to create a safe and sacred space for us to encounter ourselves, one another, and God.  It will look and feel quite different to accommodate the guidance and ensure that gatherings in our church buildings are as safe as they can possibly be.

 To this end, there will be allocated seating, one way systems, hand sanitising, the use of microphones (with loop system), no paper or books but rather a projector and screen, hopefully music, but no singing, softly spoken responses, no refreshments, no communal cup, no kneeling at the communion rail, no sermon, no handling of the collection plate. The President will be assisted by one person who will do both the readings and intercessions.

We are considering at this stage, one Sunday Evening Service a week (including a very different form of Holy Communion) at 5pm, rotating between each of our church buildings in the Benefice.

Sunday 2nd August – Horsington

      “       9th August –Templecombe 

      “      16th August – Henstridge

then repeat in the same order.

Our Sunday morning service and our weekly Evening Prayer (except for Sunday evening), via Zoom will continue for the foreseeable future.

There is no expectation, obligation, or pressure for you to attend any corporate gathering in church.  It is important that you make your own mind up on whether you feel able to attend, based on your circumstances, vulnerabilities, theology, or feelings.  Whatever your decision, know that you are still part of the church community, one body, under Jesus; being changed into his likeness, as you abide in him through bible reading, prayer, and service. 

  If you feel unable to attend, and normally bring a cash offering as part of your worship, may I suggest that you consider doing this electronically to avoid the risk of transmission of Covid19 through the handling of cash and envelopes.  The Treasurers will be able to provide you with the bank account details.

 Until we can meet again in person, be strong in the Lord as we walk this road with him.

Revd Kevin Rogers

 Tel: 01963 3638332