Mrs Badger Writes. . .

Oh dear, we seem to have upset Mrs Badger.

Dear Mr Editor,

Yet again your careless journalism and lack of fact-checking has resulted in my name being traduced in the parish of Horsington, where once I had a respectable reputation.

To suggest that I might be behind, or even partake in,  a sensationalist and gratuitous naked art  exhibition or “installation” as you call it, is a travesty of the truth. I have not, and would never, appear naked in public. While my late husband and I enjoyed our moments “natura vult ut nudi”, these were strictly in private. My dear husband would have been firmly opposed to it.

Even as a young actress on the London musical stage in the late 1960’s I remained modestly draped at all times, as many a keen young Stage Door Johnny will testify.

I believe, Mr Editor, that you have fallen for an age-old April Fool trap. I think you deserve a slap on the wrist for your stupendous gullibility, and that I deserve a fulsome apology, perhaps coupled with a nice dinner at Plumber Manor.

I am prepared to let the matter drop if these conditions are met. Otherwise I shall have to consult my solicitors.


Amelia Badger (Mrs)

We apologise to Mrs Badger. We were sent a press release which we published in good faith- with Mrs Badger’s name on it, it had to be genuine -Ed.

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One thought on “Mrs Badger Writes. . .”

  1. Dear Editor,
    It appears that you have put your size 14 boot in it again and offended poor Mrs Badger once more! Surely a reporter of your infinite wisdom should have realised it was April 1st on Friday ?
    But I must say it was very humorous. Keep up the good work !

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