Sloppy proofreading mars opening race meeting

Punters at Wincanton today will be dismayed by a careless error in the race card. The 3.35 race is called the Horsington Handicap Hurdle. It should of course be the Horsington BLOG Handicap Hurdle.  The blog will accept a fulsome apology and free tickets to the next meeting by way of a penance.Race

PS. We fancy Mountain Fighter to win


6 thoughts on “Sloppy proofreading mars opening race meeting”

  1. Did you not spot the scam in the first race with Tizzard…..Johnson on the favourite and Powell on the outsider …Powell is the retained jockey !!! say no more ..nudge nudge wink wink

  2. Re yesterday’s Horsington Handicap. I have no doubt you will make a better drama critic than racing tipster !
    The editor replies:
    Bah! Coming from someone who could not be bothered to file any copy or tips in time for publication before the race, this is rich indeed!

  3. Winterborne only ever tips what he thinks will win. Fifty five years of taking on the bookmakers has at least taught him not to bet when he does not have an opinion!

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