Poet’s corner: Lockdown Christmas

Polly Bristol, (Nee Erskine) was born and lived in Cheriton House. She’s a regular blog reader, though she no longer lives in the village. Is she the Blog’s answer to Pam Ayres? -Ed

‘ While shepherds watched their flocks by night All seated on the ground ‘We had a secret party
As the police were not around.

‘ God rest ye merry gentlemen
Yet nothing you dismay ‘
We are off to wine and dine and drink
Until Christmas Day.

‘ Angels from the Realms of Glory ‘
Send us music we can dance to
Whilst we flout the great ‘ lockdown ‘
‘ Tis the season to be merry
Kindly pass a glass of sherry,
We can sit and watch  ‘ The Crown ‘

‘ Away in a manger ..’
I’ve simply passed out!
It must be because of the rules that I flout.
Enough of Pandemics and Covid and ills
Of face masks and ‘ distance ‘ and millions of pills.
We live in the hope that we see Twenty One And last year has just been ‘ illegal fun ‘

Come on readers. Let’s have some more Christmas contributions -Ed

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