Hopes raised for 1 Gigabyte fibre broadband connection

Up to£3,500 available per connection in grants

We have been here before, but Wessex Internet have raised the possibility of a fibre broadband connection to Horsington Marsh which promises a sizzling 1 Gb/s connection, several orders of magnitude greater than the pathetic 1.7Mb/s we currently enjoy down on the Marsh

There’s Government money for it too. The Rural Gigabit Connectivity Voucher (RGCV) Scheme was announced in May last year and allows small/medium enterprises to claim a £3,500 (ex VAT) voucher and residents to claim a £1,500 (inc VAT) voucher towards a 1Gb/s capable connection.

Our area is currently with Wessex Internet’s surveying team to review and determine what sign up is required for full fibre to be extended to us. Once rhey have an idea of the likely demand they will then submit the area to the government for approval of RGCV’s.

If you want some of this, you MUST REGISTER with Wessex Internet . There is no obligation. Please register here: https://www.wessexinternet.com/iwantfullfibre/

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