VE Day Sunday “Walk past” in Horsington and South Cheriton

Half Moon

If you fancy a VE day celebratory walk on Sunday and happen to go past the Half Moon, then come and enjoy a socially distanced glass of Pimms and a delicious gelato, courtesy of Andrew at the Half Moon and Philippa at Ecco Gelato.

They will be serving Pimms, (and soft drinks) plus gelato from the Ecco Gelato bike in the open space outside the pub. Free!

Please observe the social distancing rules and stay safe.

Thank you, Andrew and Philippa -Ed

One thought on “VE Day Sunday “Walk past” in Horsington and South Cheriton”

  1. My favourite pub and resting place when down that way on business. Hope you are all well, I’ll be booking in with my wife in due course.

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