Coronavirus advice

 The Blog has acquired some Coronavirus advice from a top London practitioner of Chinese reflexology, Rosanna Bickerton BSc (hons) FMAR,MDYTA, which we are happy to pass on.  

“Traditional Chinese Medicine tells us that living in wet and cold areas causes an imbalance in yin and yang internally. This virus, like many others, likes ‘cold and damp’ conditions so it is important to be/eat ‘hot and dry’ food to reduce the symptoms and have some sunlight. Our amazing human bodies are so clever. When a virus enters, the human body is stimulated to increase body temperature to kill it, hence fever. So try not to take paracetamol or ibuprofen to help balance your temperature as it will only prolong the symptoms. Instead, make an infusion of fresh ginger with lemon, honey, fresh turmeric and cayenne pepper. It’s actually quite tasty and will help you to stay well. I have two mugs a day. Chinese doctors actively recommend staying away from humidity (that was easy last week here in London), practising Tai Chi (not so easy if you don’t know how to) and listening to classical music (very easy)!

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I’ve tried it. Very nice, even better with a measure of whisky! -Ed

Fresh tumeric is best

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