McDonalds shows no mercy and scores an own goal.

McDonalds, whose chief executive earns USD 7.9 million a year, and whose UK employees are on strike against low wages and zero hours, has scored an own goal over a parking fine. It has refused to intervene in a parking dispute where a man on his way to a funeral was fined £100 by McDonalds’ parking company MET Parking Services for overstaying in their car park on the A 12 near Chelmsford. He was in the restaurant the whole time, where parking notices were not visible.

Richard Gaunt, of Horsington, Somerset, has paid the fine under protest as he didn’t think he stood a chance of winning a court case.

But he has retaliated by downgrading his regular, loyal customer status to “Boycott”. It could cost the fast food chain thousands.

Richard is retired, but delivers new cars around the country. He reckons he  spends between £8 and £10 in McDonalds most working days, 4-5  days a week. Say £600 a year.  If his 60 colleagues delivering cars out of Henstridge join the boycott, that’s £36,000 lost to McDonalds every year.

If the 980- members of Trade Platers United Facebook Group join in, the multiplier effect will be very serious.

Said Richard “I will never go to a McDonalds again, and many of my colleagues could join me. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.”

Richard appealed both to McDonalds and to the parking company. They turned him down flat. A request to Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s UK CEO to act as an “honest broker” to resolve the dispute, was ignored.

Said Richard “I made an honest mistake, but, acting as judge and jury in their own cause, they made no allowances for my age, my ability to pay, my preoccupation and distress at attending a funeral, my tiredness after a long drive, my unfamiliarity with the location and the fact that I was a customer inside the restaurant for the duration of my visit.

“In this case a little mercy and justice would have been appropriate and admirable. Their behaviour exemplifies the arrogance and disdain with which large companies increasingly treat their customers.”

Looks like McDonalds is not just screwing its staff, but its customers too.

If you want to write to Paul Pomroy, the chief executive, his address is
McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd
11-59 High Road
East Finchley
N2 8AW

Richard Gaunt note: The fine was reduced to £50 as it was  paid within 28 days. They have the cheek to charge an additional sum for any kind of card payment, including debit cards.

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