Election crisis: Winterborne speaks

Winterborne Longjohns

The Blog’s exclusive racing correspondent Winterborne Longjohns has send us a dispatch from somewhere in France . . . 

After a disastrous Derby having incurred large losses laying the winner to a fellow house guest at 40/1, Winterborne has temporarily fled his home stable for sanctuary in France until after the election and a new Government having hopefully been formed. He has a strong financial interest in Boris being installed as our next Prime Minister and really hopes this will come to pass sooner rather than later . Any price above 5/1 should be taken whilst it is still available. Meanwhile his (Winterborne’s, not Boris’s -Ed) followers are reminded that it is also Royal Ascot where there will be further opportunities to follow Dame Fortune next week.

You need to keep up. I doubt whether you will get 5/1 anywhere. You should have taken our advice yesterday and had Boris at 5/2. The odds have now halved to 9/4, and it looks like the bandwagon has left the station. Will it  get as far as Upminster or will he get off at Barking?

Ascot? Give us some winners then.  For everyone’s sake, we hope you fare better on the flat than over the jumps -Ed.

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