Blog triggers a political betting storm

The Horsington Blog’s picture of Boris Johnson parachuting in after the election seems to have triggered a betting landslide.

Paddy Power now has him favourite to be the next prime Minister after Theresa May at odds of 5/2. Get it while you can, is our advice.

Jeremy Corbyn is second favourite at 10/3, followed by David Davis at 9/2.

In brexit betting,  you can get 4/1 on the UK having a second referendum on the terms of an eventual brexit. Grab it.

Significantly, no UK bookie (or none that we could find) is offering odds on brexit not happening at all (i.e.the UK remains in the EU)

Will anyone take the editor’s fiver at 20/1?

The most sensible solution to the current political chaos would appear to be a  National Government of all the parties, followed by a general election once Brexit is sorted.  Not available on Paddy Power or elsewhere, so will anyone take the editor’s fiver at 10/1?

(Where are you, Winterborne Longjohns? -Ed)

 Best quote of the day – From novelist Robert Harris writing in the “Sunday Times”

“How did a stable, prosperous parliamentary democracy, granted a unique set of favourable opt-outs with the largest trading bloc in the world, including on the single currency and travel, throw it all up in the air on the basis of a 52-48 yes/no vote in a referendum – a margin not normally wide enough to change the constitution of the average golf club?”

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