Horsington loses in fine style (again)

The annual cricket match between Horsington and the Tabard Pilgrims, from West London, took place on Bank Holiday Sunday in perfect conditions – sun, a light breeze to cool things down, two full teams of sporting gentlemen and a significant crowd of spectators enjoying the cricket and their various refreshments.

Despite some exceptional batting and fielding, Horsington failed to gain a victory and were overtaken by the visitors in the second innings, with only a few overs left to play.

Chris Dean and captain Christian Bennett were the star batsmen from Horsington, backed up by two very promising youngsters,  Michael Tarling and Sam Rose, who both put in a sterling performance.

Tom Walker and Chris Heal bowled very well, ably assisted by Charles Mann with his slightly unorthodox bowling action.

Chris Dean pulled off a spectacular stunt, bowling and catching a surprised Tabard Batsman.

Ollie Tremlett, not the tallest man on the pitch, excelled in the fielding department. No surprises there, as he is a member of the Tremlett cricketing dynasty. His uncle played for Hampshire, Surrey and England.

The crowd was kept amused by the extraordinary number of wides, byes, no balls and run-outs. Some of this was down to the eccentric behaviour of the pitch, and the ball tended to do its own thing once it had left the bowler’s hand.  Blame for this can be laid at the door of the mean, disgusting, dishonest lowlifes who stole the elderly but very effective Atco mower from Rob Hoddinott’s hut, leaving him to prepare the pitch by hand, and without an effective roller.

The delicious tea was provided by Libby Gaunt, Mardi Bennett and Belinda Mann and was much enjoyed by the players. Pitchside refreshments were provided by Andrew Tarling of the Half Moon.

A huge round of applause goes to the two umpires Chris Bailward (who gave up a day immediately before he left for Carlisle to begin his epic cycling tour) and Phil Bennett.

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