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The New Leader in a reflective mood. Photo: EPA/Facundo Arrizabalaga

Brighton 30 September 2015. Professor Dave Wonk of the think tank “New Thought” has resigned as the Blog’s political correspondent, which is frankly a bit of a cheek – we forgot to sack him.

His place has been taken by Len Spanner, policy director of the People’s Anti-Capitalist Collective for Action (Marxist-Leninist) or PACAC for short, who has sent  a long  communique from Brighton.

“The sun shone in Brighton today as the party faithful joyfully mobbed their new leader, elected by the largest democratic majority in the history of the Movement.

“It is now time for the masses to rise up and strike against the capitalist bankers and the global oligarchs who have bled this country white. Let us free ourselves from the tyranny of nuclear weapons and support the steelworkers of Redcar. Down with rents! Down with business! Down with Cameron!. Print some more money! Workers unite!”

We have cut the rest. But in order to help readers understand what is going on, we have updated Professor Wonk’s original slide on the evolution of the Labour Party.



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