Blackmore Vale re- elects Inglefield and Wallace with increased majorities

SSDC-iconBlackmore Vale’s two conservative Councillors William Wallace and Tim Inglefield have been re-elected with increased majorities.

There is now no overall majority at the previously Lib Dem-led South Somerset District Council.

The Lib Dems have lost two seats and now have 29. Conservatives gained three seats and have 28. Independents lost one seat and now have three.

Two sitting Tory Councillors failed to submit their papers in time, denying them full control of the Council. Piss ups and breweries spring to mind.

In neighbouring Wincanton, Conservatives  Colin Winder and Nick Colbert were both elected. Lib Dem deputy leader Tim Carroll failed to gain a seat.

Lucy Wallace, William’s wife, was unlucky down the road in Milborne Port. She lost by ONE VOTE after 3 recounts to Sarah Dyke-Brache, a Lib Dem.

SSDC results 1


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