Moneysense Nonsense

A loyal reader, Alfie H. Moon spotted this article promoting RBS in Monday’s Telegraph:


RBS is changing the way it approaches sponsorship by using its partnerships to deliver more benefit to communities.

Here is just one of a series of initiatives that demonstrate this new approach.


The RBS group has been teaching and promoting financial education for 17 years. Its Moneysense for Schools programme is delivered by teachers and employees using impartial, online materials accredited by pfeg, The Personal Finance Education Group.

Since 2005 the programme has helped more than two million young people to understand and manage their finances effectively. The scheme also provides impartial guidance to adults via a comprehensive website and booklet, and can help clubs to manage
their income and spending through a dedicated MoneySense treasurers’ guide. For more information, visit

Alfie Moon comments:

Pass me a new set of incontinence pants, I’ve just wet myself laughing. It’s a pity you didn’t start your programme 40 years ago chaps,when little Freddie Goodwin was still at school, it might just have saved us all 30 billion quid. And for anyone who doesn’t know what the
definition of an oxymoron is, you will find the answer at

Alfie. H. Moon


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