This is the Horsington Blog, which also welcomes readers in the Cheritons, Stowell, Lattiford, Horwood, Cucklington and Stoke Trister, and anywhere else where people want to take part in village life, gossip, moan, laugh and even (if we’re lucky), find out what’s going on.

The blog is linked to the Half Moon pub in Horsington, mainly because the landlord cleverly grabbed the www.horsington.co.uk domain name a few years ago. However the editor is fiercely independent and anonymous. There is no real connection between the Pub and the blog other than a mutual love of good beer.

There is no committee. We don’t want funding. If you like it, tell your friends and neighbours.

The Horsington blog is for everyone. We welcome articles, letters, news, comments, events, gossip, battles with bureaucrats, moans, whistleblowing, campaigns, clubs, jokes, photographs and cartoons.

Free Advertising
Advertise local services, sales and wanted. These are FREE to anyone with an 01963 telephone dialing code.  Pin your business card up in the Half Moon, and we will collect the details. Email the editor with sales and wanted ads. Attach a photograph if you wish.


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