Dogstapo tactics

DogNot everyone likes dogs, we admit, but bad dog behavior and fouling don’t seem to be a major problem in Horsington or the Cheritons.

So why have notices gone up around the villages warning that from July 1st dogs must be put and kept on a lead when an authorised officer of the South Somerset District Council directs you to do so?

Who is an “Authorised Officer”? On what grounds can he or she make this order? We are not told. (Presumably when  officious jobsworths think a dog is about to bite them –Ed).

From the same date, anyone who fails to clear up their dog mess on any public highway or open space (not private land) is liable to a fine of £1000. Yes, £1000!

How are the fantasists at Brympton Way going to enforce this legislation? Will there be a poopy patrol? A turd hotline? At what cost? Supposing you don’t have a spare £1000 lying around and you have run out of polythene bags? Anyway, shouldn’t  you be using biodegradable paper bags instead?

And, having taken the offending mess home, squelching in your pocket, which bin do you put it in? The green one? The black one? The brown one? Maybe someone in authority will explain, and at the same time tell us why the council does not have better things to do with their time and our money.

Tell us what you think -Ed. And what about the horses?

One thought on “Dogstapo tactics”

  1. I am afraid dog mess is a problem in Horsington, take a walk down Duck lane towards Batchpool Lane and the footpath to see what I mean. If I understand correctly it has been an offence to allow your dog to foul the pavements for some years now, surely this is just giving the country villagers the same rights to walk the highways that have no pavements, hopefully without having to dodge the doggie do do!! though I fear that this sort of regulation rarely works, if the dog owners letting their dogs foul the roads are irresponsible enough not to clean it up and have little or no regard for their neighbors or fellow villagers, then they are not likely to take notice of the notices either, then again maybe they will if caught with a hefty fine!!!

    Talking of notices I noticed an old parish council notice on a telegraph pole in Duck Lane the other day stating something like “Do not dump ash” what was against the wall in front of the sign..? You guessed it, a pile of ash.

    I rest my case… Irresponsible people with no regard for others take no notice of notices!!

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