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An interesting but alarming situation is developing on Horsington Marsh.  If you drive from Horsington to Buckhorn Weston you will see, if you look left just after you turn right out of Batchpool Lane on to Moor Lane, that 2 green shipping containers have arrived to join the caravan that has been sitting in the field for some months.  A large hole has also appeared in the hedge making a new access.  It seems that Masha Estates who operate from Barry in South Wales have, quite legitimately, purchased the 22 acre field at auction: however what they are trying to do with it is at best immoral and, at worst, illegal.  If you look at their website you will see that they are selling 400-500 square metre plots with the inference that, at some point in the future, these will be serviced with roads (see the small map) and may be able to be built upon.  However caveat emptor for the small print at the bottom of the page says

Masha Estates Ltd do not operate a Collective Investment Scheme as defined in Section 235 of the United Kingdom Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Masha Estates Ltd do not provide planning permission, estate management or any such related services on behalf of purchasers. All Plots sold without the benefit on any current planning or development permission or any future guarantee thereof. Planning.
Head Office: Masha House, 47 Tynewydd Road, Barry, CF62 8AZ, UK, Company Reg No: 5475680

At least four plots appear to have already been sold to gullible investors who seem to be trying to proceed with some sort of development, hence the containers.

SSDC confirm that no planning permission has been granted and nor is likely that it ever will be.

not least because Horsington Marsh has that name for a good reason (Ed).

Fortunately Senior Enforcement Officer for SSDC, Mr Roger Wotton has been alerted to the situation and placed a Temporary Stop Notice of 28days on Masha and anyone else who is contemplating any sort of development.  What this means is that it is now a criminal offence for any further development to take place and the police will take action if alerted.  Mr Wotton now plans to implement a full Stop Notice and Enforcement Order and to explore any other legal remedies against Masha Estates and other parties.

So if you happen to be driving along the road, day or night, and see anything untoward happening please telephone the Police on 999 or 0845 4567000.

Masha Estates are definitely operating at the seedy end of the property market.  It’s just a shame that there are purchasers out there who are foolish enough to fall for their pitch and pay over £6,000 for a 500 square metre plot of land that can never be anything other than agricultural. If Masha are able to sell all the plots they will clear a cool million pounds over the purchase price.  The Blog certainly hopes that Masha catch an almighty cold and the wrath of those who have already parted with their money.

Remember.  If you see anything please ring the Police

Appeal against enforcement notice dismissed

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  1. Well done Blog for flagging this one. I know that the Parish are concerned and I will keep in touch with Roger Wooton, our enforcement officer about the problem. William Wallace ( County and District Councillor Blackmore Vale ).

  2. The blog has received the following from Andrew Cranfield who is leading the opposition to the Moor Lane “development”, in relation to another piece of land owned by Masha Estates.

    It is encouraging to see that Masha are being successfully opposed elsewhere and are, apparently, heeding the Council’s response .

    Dear Mr Cranfield

    Thank you for your email.

    I think the site you are referring to is Bluebell Grove on Common Road in
    Burham. When it became apparent that the land was to be subdivided the
    Authority issued a number of Article 4 Directions which removed certain
    permitted development rights. one of the main ones being the use of the land
    as a caravan site.

    The owner proceeded to erect a number of fence posts to indicate the areas
    of the plots for sale, this resulted in this Authority issuing enforcement
    notices to seek the removal of the fence posts. The owner subsequently
    removed all the fence post from the land.

    No caravans were ever brought to the land and the fields remain open
    countryside with no development taking place. If we received enquiries with
    regard to the land we indicate that the area has no planning permission for
    residential use and that planning policy is such that no residential use
    would be allowed.

    I hope I have been of some assistance to you.

    Richard Edmonds
    Senior Enforcement Officer
    Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council
    (01732) 876243

    In South Africa the Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act requires that owners of agricultural land obtain consent from the Minister of Agriculture to subdivide agricultural land. Any sale of a proposed subdivision is invalid if it is entered into before ministerial consent is granted. Maybe England has something to learn from the southern hemisphere?

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