More Broadband information from Wessex Internet

Wessex Internet have  sent us more details of the proposed FREE  Broadband project for Horsington and the Cheritons -Ed

Wessex Internet writes. . . Before we can commit to initiating our project for the area, we would like to see a 40% registration of interest level from the community. Once this is reached we will then progress to the next stages of submitting a project for approval to use UK Gigabit voucher funding here.

We would normally look to start building within 6 months of meeting the 40% signup rate. However, we must consider variables such as land access and ground conditions that may delay a project. For example, Horsington Marsh is a pocket of land that, using the soft dig approach, would need to be completed in the driest possible conditions to limit disruption and damage caused to land.

Here is a video of how we install our fibre:  it is very important to stress that our approach to installing in residential gardens is that we will aim so cause as little disruption as possible, and heavy machinery is NOT used.

Most importantly: We use the voucher funding to help fund the network and Wessex is investing in the infrastructure to ensure that everyone who wants a connection receives a free of charge installation to their homes  (subject to a one off £49 activation fee and their monthly package charge). We will not charge on top of the voucher funding.

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