Good News – Fibre broadband is coming to every house.

Gigabyte connection for every house in Horsington

Looks like our internet drought is about to end. No more pathetic download speeds!

Openreach have agreed to investigate connecting 43 properties in Horsington, South Cheriton and Horsington Marsh to the fibre broadband network, giving speeds of up to one Gigabyte per second. Huge!

You can see the list here

If your property is not on this list, and you are not already in contact with Openreach, then email the editor immediately. You must live in the following BA8 postcodes:


The projected cost of installation is £99,341.00, or £2310.26, per dwelling. This cost may be reduced if more people join the scheme or if local landowners with diggers can be persuaded to lay down a trench on private land (NOT roads or verges). The cost will rise if people decline to take part.

Each household is entitled to a grant from public funds of £1500 for a private residence or £3,500 if you can prove you are a business. You can expect the value of your property to go up considerably as a result.

As we understand it, the contact to do the work has to be between Openreach and a “Legal entity”, which will collect the money and then pay Openreach. We may have to set this up, or maybe the Parish Council will undertake this. We shall enquire.

It will take a year from the contract signing to install the service. You will not be required to change internet service provider, your emails and log-ons etc.

To go ahead we need EVERYONE on board, please. The next step is to form a legal entity and elect directors and signatories, so they can legally sign a contract. Openreach will help us apply for the necessary grants (this has to be done individually).

The project is being coordinated by Penny Nagle and Richard Gaunt, who are liaising with Openreach. You may expect a visit.

2 thoughts on “Good News – Fibre broadband is coming to every house.”

    1. You can register with Openreach via their website.
      However, a better deal may be available through Wessex Internet. Watch the blog for more details shortly.

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