£500 for you if you sign up for fast Broadband (£2500 if you’re a business)

Is your life or business being strangled by chronically slow broadband?

In the editorial bunker, the current speed is a pathetic 1Mb per second. Life has almost ground to a halt.

If enough people register (no obligation) with Wessex Internet, then we will get a fibre optic Broadband connection with sizzling speeds.

If you are currently on BT’s “Superfast” service, it’s only fibre optic cable from that green box by the entrance to Horsington House. The Wessex offering is fibrre all the way!

If you sign up, you will get a £500 voucher to contribute towards the installation cost. £2500 if you’re running a business (Home working may count.)

It costs nothing to register and you are under no obligation.

Neighbouring villages are getting it together. Come on Horsington!

To register, click on the link below

One thought on “£500 for you if you sign up for fast Broadband (£2500 if you’re a business)”

  1. We have since had a better offer from Openreach. See the latest blog post.
    It’s worth considering even if you’re on the so-called BT superfast network, which we understand keeps dropping out. -Ed

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