Beware the Amazon Scammers

Ed writes…

Are you getting irritating automated calls from Amazon threatening to take payments from your bank account for an Amazon Prime subscription?

“Press 1 to speak to an Amazon agent”.

This is a barefaced scam. Normally when you press ”1”, nothing happens, and you get disconnected.

But one day last week I pressed “1” and was connected to a Chinese-sounding lady who told me my account had been hacked and she would help me to stop the calls and track down the culprit.

I was out walking, but she said she would phone me back.  She told me to go to my computer and open a webpage called “Teamviewer”. I was then instructed to download some software.

Luckily I had already Googled “Amazon Prime scam”, which revealed that I was about to have my computer stripped bare of all financial data, passwords etc with a view to raiding my bank account.

I wasted the young lady’s time (and mine) for about ten minutes before accusing her of being, amongst several unprintable things, a common thief, and a filthy scammer.

To my amazement she went on protesting that she was from Amazon and was trying to help me!

If you receive these calls on a mobile phone, they are easy to block.  Just go to call history, click on the number and select “block number”.

Amazon is a huge and profitable company and surely has the resources to track down these criminals, who are causing serious damage to the company’s reputation.

More about Teamviewer software here

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