Brrrh! Cold spell ahead

Don’t think Greta and her pals will like this!

2 thoughts on “Brrrh! Cold spell ahead”

  1. Peter Temple is not a climatologist. He has built a business, the World Cycles Institute, peddling the theory of cycles to other businesses.

    Raymond Holder Wheeler, the man behind ‘the science’ in this instance, was also not a climatologist but a phsychologist who developed an interest in human behaviour in relation to cycles.

    Most climatologists would agree that whilst there are cycles related to the effects of the solar system, what is happening now is different. They also clearly state that, if as Mr Wheeler and Mr Temple choose to do, you can claim virtually anything by being selective enough about the data you present.

    1. No they are not climatologists, they are cyclists. Science is never absolute, but a consensus between competing theories. Climate change is not a religion and we watch the continuing debate with interest. -Ed

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