JUNE 2020

Apparently it depends who you are, but sensible people will remain alert, avoid long journeys and mixing with others, with the expectation that the virus will eventually die out and allow us, once more, to socialise

If you need help or support in these trying times ring
Vicky and Tom Todd 07932 958524
Penny and Marcus Ferguson 01963 370857
Victoria and Evan 01963 371197
Emma Riley 01963 370830
Deborah and David 01963 370867

There are several food businesses in the area offering delivery and Takeaways including The White Horse, South Cheriton who are offering both food and drink. 01963 370394

Please support local business where you can

The old telephone box in South Cheriton has books and dvds.

Church services via ZOOM

Evening Prayer daily at 7pm
Sunday service at 10am
Contact revkrogers@gmail.com for details

Follow Government Guidelines and stay alert

Stay Safe

One thought on “JUNE 2020”

  1. Peter is right! This morning in the Telegraph scientists state that children under 15 are more likely to be struck by lightning than by Corona virus – Ed

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