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According to “Somerset Live” , whose muddled and inconsistent reporting of Coronavirus figures has confused many (including your editor -Ed), here is the position at Thursday 7 May:

Cases in Somerset County – 549.

New cases are declining rapidly: April 29- 20, April 30 -14, May 1 -9, May 2 -8, May 3-3, May 4 -9 – May 5-1 (NHS England figures).

Hospital Deaths in Somerset County – 60 – of which 18 are in Yeovil Hospital.

Care Home deaths in Somerset   are difficult to report as no detailed figures are available. Somerset Live claims that deaths in care homes are around 50 per cent higher than usual for this time of year – that equates to 32 additional deaths, not all of which will be Conronairus-related.

The problem with Somerset Live is that they do not seem to understand local boundaries.

Somerset county consists only of  MendipSedgemoorSouth Somerset, and Somerset West and Taunton. They keep on including figures for Bath and North Somerset and do not provide figures for individual local authorities in the same report. A separate report on May 5th  states that 27 people have died in South Somerset from Coronavirus -related conditions.

The Blog understands that Yeovil Hospital is very quiet, with very few patients. People with out-patient appointments are being seen in “virtual consultations”, over the phone. Some 3,000 consultations took place during the first 5 weeks of lockdown.

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