April Foolers admit defeat

There’s simply too much fake news already

It’s April the First, all fools’ day. Welcome to the spring. Traditionally the Blog has led with a home-grown hoax, which has occasionally completely fooled readers, but also given them a good laugh.

This year there’s a problem. There are so many “You couldn’t make it up” stories around that our resident hoaxer is flummoxed.

President Trumps’s antics, the actions of the Derbyshire Constabulary in relation to the Coronavirus crisis, Brexit, The Labour leadership election, Boris Johnson et al, make traditional April Hoaxing impossible There is nothing we can fabricate which can compete with the real news for entertainment value.

So why not reminisce over some of our past triumphs, and look forward to happier times  when the unthinkable really will make a decent hoax story for April 1st

Our April Fool Archive is HERE

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