The Horsington Blog is back

Hello everyone. We’re back after a long sleep. Your editor had a job, which has now ceased owing to the current crisis, and finds he has time on his hands. Maybe your old favorites Silas Silage and Mrs Badger can also be persuaded back from retirement. Sadly, our racing correspondent, the redoubtable Winterborne Longjohns is laid off, as racing is cancelled for the foreseeable future.

The Blog also went into hibernation because of the excellent job being done by the team on the Villager Magazine. Not many of you will know that the Blog came into existence  in 2010 because of the inordinate length of time between a Magazine  Committee being formed and a magazine actually appearing. We felt there was a need for more immediate communication. Now we are very happy to work alongside them to strengthen village communications during the coronavirus crisis.

However the technology to produce the blog is a little cumbersome, and we find social media such as Facebook does a much better job. If you haven’t seen it, the Blog’s Facebook page is at and from now on we shall concentrate on that to disseminate news and views.  If you haven’t joined, get an account. Just make sure you sign up for the Blog.


Long Live the Blog!

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