Is there a Josh in Horsington?

Is there a Josh out there , probably somewhere on the Marsh, who is expecting a parcel from Amazon?? it’s addressed to, and has been delivered to, Ringmarsh House, but is not for us or our immediate neighbors.

3 thoughts on “Is there a Josh in Horsington?”

  1. I just wondered if there are any plans for a village initiative to keep a friendly eye on the vulnerable and or elderly in our community during this crisis as other villages are doing. I would love to do it myself but because of my age I have to self isolate. Perhaps I should contact the Villager? I would appreciate your help.

    1. I believe that Jeanne Mortarotti is pulling together a list of willing helpers and their contact details, and will put it through everyone’s doors. Give us a shout at the Manor if you need anything in the meantime!

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