Revitalisation of Horsington Playground

The proposed Playground rotator – all the way from Finland. Surely a British company must make this sort of thing?

Horsington Parish Council has put together what they think is a realistic proposal for the refurbishment of the playground, condemned by “Elfin Safety” in our small, rural parish.

Many thanks to everyone who responded to the Wigley Family letter which has raised an
amazing £2000.

Combined with the Capital Fund from the Parish Council and the £5000 pledged from South Somerset District Council, they have the £16,000 needed to replace at trade price plus fitting, the activity centre (one that fits on our original base), the see-saw, the spring horse and to renovate the swings and existing surfaces.

It is a sad fact that new surfaces cost more than new equipment and have no play value to their users.

One thing that came up in discussions with the SSDC play and facilities team, is that one vital element of play is missing………..some form of rotation.

The Parish Council is currently seeking to raise the extra £7000 to buy and install a Lappset Xspeed rotator (see picture) suitable for 4 children up to the age of 14, complete with safety surface. If you feel you are able to help towards this, cheques can be made payable to Horsington Parish Council or would like further details, please contact the Clerk, David Chapman 01963 370527.

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