Horsington Open’s charity fund rises to £800

Thanks to a generous donation from, a regular resident at the Half Moon, the Horsington’ Open’s charitable fund now stands at £800.

The pot will be divided between St Margaret’s Hospice and Wincanton Live at Home shortly.

This is a serious amount of mony, raised by golf competitors and other donors, and demonstrates how far this competition has come since its inception in 2013, when it raised £113 for the church roof.

In 2014 the competition raised just £64.00

In 2015, thanks to  a number of generous sponsors and some determined fund raising by the organisers, the total rose to £600.

And this year (after a year off) the competition raised £800.

Organisers Richard Gaunt and David Blake put this down to staging the competition in the summer, which attracts more, and better entrants, and the improved playing conditions at Henstridge, where they have worked very hard on both the course and the clubhouse.

They said” We thank everyone who played or supported us very warmly for their generosity.”

Next year the target is £1,000. Now that would be an achievement.

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