McDonalds fines pensioner £100 for overstaying

Macdonalds can be bad for your financial Health

Richard Gaunt writes…
I have been charged for overstaying in a McDonalds car park on the A12 in Essex – £100! Outrageous. I have appealed both to McDonalds (I was in the “restaurant” the whole time), and MET Parking, who manage the car park.

It was a “free” car park. The owners claimed there were time limit and penalty notices displayed, but none of our party saw them. There were certainly none in the restaurant where we were seated for the duration of our visit.

Surely there was no contract between us? If I had seen the notice I would have observed the terms and conditions. Only a fool would agree to pay £100 to park there.

I am outraged and really want to fight this.

I appeal to the Blog’s readership – do I have a chance in court?

See the detailed letters to McDonalds and MET Parking

If any of m’learned friends are readers, perhaps they could post a comment.

In the meantime – Avoid MacDonalds!

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