Horsington’s secret rock chick get a million hits on Spotify

Toby Butler and Liela Moss, who perform in the duo “Roman Remains”.

Liela Moss, who lives in Horsington House, has notched up considerable musical success with her duo Roman Remains’ song “Killing Moon”, which has received over 1 million hits on the music streaming website Spotify. The song was the title track in the Netflix hit series “13 Reasons Why”.

We realise many Blog readers, still tuned into the Home Service, will be mystified by this. Spotify and Netflix are  internet-based portals where you can listen to or watch anything at a click of a mouse. With the demise of high street record shops they are, along with Apples’s iTunes, the principal means of distributing music and video these days. One million hits is a hell of an achievement (the Blog get around 150!) Spotify is where musical reputations get made and broken.

Liela and her partner Toby, the other half of the duo, also perform in The Duke Spirit , a successful English Rock band which they co-founded. This has toured the UK and overseas for many years. They are possibly better-known in the USA, where they have  performed regularly on TV.

We think it’s rather good, and well worth a listen.

Blog readers can listen here

Something else for Horsington to be proud of.

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