William Wallace to chair Somerset County Council

William Wallace, who was recently elected as County Councillor for Horsington, as part of the Blackmore Vale Ward, has been chosen as Chairman of Somerset County Council.

His appointment will be confirmed at the first full meeting of the County Council after the recent elections, on May 24th.

William has been a district Councillor since 2003, and a County  Councillor since 2005. He has also been chairman of finance for the  Avon and Somerset Police Authority and chairman of HR for the Devon and Somerset  Fire Authority.

For the past 4 years he has been Somerset County Council’s cabinet member for Adult Social Care, a highly sensitive and very difficult post in which he has had to balance the conflicting pressures of reducing costs, improving care and integrating with other health services providers.

The Blog congratulates William on his new role, a fitting pinnacle to a distinguished career in local government. If we have been unkind to him in the past, we apologise unequivocally, but point out that this has been in the interest of  treating all political candidates objectively and fairly  at election time.

(Or unfairly -Ed).

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