William Wallace responds . . .

  County and District Councillor William Wallace has responded to our article on the forthcoming election. Thanks William. Let’s hear from the other candidates -Ed.

A few corrections …. Somerset County goes to the polls for the 55 seats of the County with a by-election for a District Councillor for the Blackmoor Vale ward . May the 4th  not the 5thMay. (Sorry, Ed).

As the Conservative party candidate , I have delivered to every household in the B Vale twice with my biography , policies and what I have achieved over the last 4 years. –maybe Eds house was missed . On the doorstep I have received many words of thanks and support  Perhaps you would like to join me at a local pub and I can give you the various leaflets and info already given to the electorate  -Thanks for all your support . – William Wallace.

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  1. Really? We’ve had no information here at all from any party, including the Tories.

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