Into the Woods – 2 nights to go and you can see it -if you’re quick!

MPO’s “Into the Woods” has played to delighted audiences since it opened on Wednesday.

Milborne Port Opera’s “Into the Woods” is now firmly in its stride. The Audience reaction has been great (see video), and there is still time to book to see this adventurous show, very different from MPO’s usual offering of Gilbert and Sullivan.

“Into the woods” intertwines the magical fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm with some dark themes and some wry comedy, all staged with the stunning accompaniment of Stephen Sondheim’s spellbinding music played beautifully by MPOs resident band.

There are only a few tickets left on line, and at Wayne’s butchers at Milborne Port.

It may be possible to squeeze in a few extra seats, so it could be worth turning up at Milborne Port Village Hall at around 6.45 to see if there are any returns or no shows

Here’s the audience reaction on the first night.

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