Horsington tickled pink in national Parish competition

Residents of Horsington and South Cheriton stand to gain substantial benefits if the Parish, currently shortlisted for the L’Oreally Parish of the Year Competition, is successful in the finals.

The competition, sponsored by the famous French/Irish cosmetics company, is for the parish in the UK which best exemplifies civic virtues, is attractive and well-kept, has a pub (we have two), a pond, a blog, and has every front door painted in the colour of the sponsor’s latest lipstick colour ” Cauchemar Cerise”.
A typical workman’s cottage in Horsington, showing the attractive front door colour.

The prizewinning village will trouser a prize of EUR 50,000, to be spent on a civil project to be decided by the  parish council.

But it gets better. If, in a second referendum on Brexit, the village votes to remain in the EU, there will be:

Annual income of EUR 25,000 per resident household, tax free.

A free pony for every child

A charter flight every year to visit Horsington’s twin town in the wine-making district of Haut Cotes de Poubelles  in the Rhone area.

A big Christmas party with champagne and an Irish band

A wine allowance for every resident, to be served in either the White Horse or the Half Moon.

A new cricket pavilion

A car and a tax-free allowance for the editor of the village news medium (of course, this means the Blog -Ed).

Free repainting of every front door in the latest lipstick colour every 6 months.

The Blog has learned that the panel of judges will be visiting Horsington and South Cheriton on Saturday April 1st, and everyone is asked to be on best behaviour, smile at strangers, not put washing out or beat carpets, and keep car washing to an absolute minimum.

Come on everyone, we can do it! Your editor needs a new car! Ed


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