Has broadband been degraded?

Several households, plus the Half Moon pub, in the centre of Horsington, are now enjoying a sizzling broadband service, thanks to the new super fast service.

But several people, including your editor, have noticed that for the rest of us the service appears to have been downgraded, with lower speeds and more outages at certain times of the day.  A cynical ploy by BT to force everyone to cough up for the new service? Or are we imagining it?

Please tell us if you agree – perhaps we can find out more. (Horsington residents only).

We will publish the results as soon as a viable sample has been collected. Please forward to your friends who may not be regular Blog readers – Ed


2 thoughts on “Has broadband been degraded?”

  1. Dear Mr H. Blog,

    Having voted “YES” to the question “Has the quality or speed of your broadband service reduced recently” and having then selected VOTE, the system returned “You voted ‘Not Sure'”. I am absolutely sure that the service has decreased, as it must if there is more traffic on the line, and also sure that I voted “Yes”…!!

    Keep up your good work which is much appreciated.

    In haste,


    1. We will amend the results accordingly. We still need more people to vote if we are to collect meaningful results. Please help, everyone.

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