The case of the missing hedge: Now Fleet Street is on the prowl

It  seems Fleet Street is taking an interest in the Horsington hedge-cutting  mystery. A reporter from the Daily Mail has been rummaging around the lanes and has spoken to various people, including your editor. According to the reporter, it was the County Council who actioned it, acting on complaints about road safety.

If this is true, then more questions need to be answered:

Who initially complained?  Do they live in Horsington or outside?
Did the County Council inspect before ordering the work?
In whose opinion was it dangerous, and what is the test?
Why not simply trim on dangerous bends and road junctions?
Was the Parish Council consulted?
Who instructed the contractor?
Why was the cut so drastic?
Why everywhere? Marsh lane is signed as a “Byway” and has virtually no traffic on it apart from the school run. The vegetation might have encouraged the mothers to slow down.
Why was it not done in the winter?

Lord knows what the “Mail” will make of this.  They  really will have to  big it up to make this a National press story.

(See previous story and comments).

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