All change at Waterloo

 The Royal Scots Greys, 2nd Dragoons go into battle at Waterloo
The Royal Scots Greys, 2nd Dragoons go into battle at Waterloo

The Battle of Waterloo in 1815 changed everything in Europe. 200 years later we can see it in perspective.

Talk: Waterloo – Battle For Europe
North Cheriton Village Hall
Saturday 20th June, 6-9 pm

To mark the 200th Anniversary of this great battle, Patrick Mileham of North Cheriton, former soldier, military historian and university lecturer has very kindly agreed to give a fully illustrated and exciting presentation.

The whole evening will be a celebration of the event with the hall suitably decorated to reflect the event and its era. Patrick’s one hour talk will take full advantage of their new
multi-media facilities and is designed to accommodate all levels of interest, from school children to the Chief of the Defence Staff! The event will commence at
6pm when a welcome drink will be served, in tune with the 1815 ambience.

The talk will start at 6.30pm and afterwards there will be soup and roast beef
sandwiches available at a reasonable cost.

To test guests on their listening and learning skills, there will be a fun quiz, £1 per entry
set around this historic event and the prize will be a book on the battle for the winner.

Prior booking only. Tickets are £5.00 each (children £2.50) and
bookings should be made before 12th June. ‘Phone Lesley on 33718, or email to secure your place.

This is a fund raising event for North Cheriton Village Hall. All proceeds will be put towards the continuing renovation and future running of the Hall.

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