Horsington has a defibrilllator – now the training starts

Charles James reports:
The Defibrillator is up and running and the training for the team of responders will be taking place this Thursday (20 June), I am then just awaiting the final registration for t he VETS scheme and all will be complete.

Moving on from there Sonya and myself are now organising for the first Aid courses that will be taking place in the Village hall at a date to be announced, the cost of which will be £30, it is hoped that the funds raised from the music festival will subsidise this and bring the price down to  £20 per person (or maybe less dependant on numbers), anyone is welcome to attend but the subsidy will only be available to village residents.

The “Essential First Aid All Ages” course will cover the following.

  • Communication and casualty care
  • Looking after yourself and the casualty
  • Adult resuscitation
  • Treatment of choking in adults
  • Treatment of severe bleeding and chest pains
  • Treatment of an unconscious casualty.

Could you please pass this on ,  spread the word please  and ask any interested parties to contact me or Sonya on 01963 371166 or by email at charles@oytteryantiques.co.uk

We need to start gathering names and numbers..
We are also in the process of organising (early days) a special first aid course delivered by St Johns to all the school children which hopefully will be delivered this summer, (liaison with the school is underway)

This scheme will save lives – and it could be yours. Please support. – Ed


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