Help for Somerset flood victims

A three-pronged bid to help flood-hit home-owners and communities has been   unveiled by Somerset County Council. We trust the Parish Council will pursue any opportunities to improve drainage and flood protection in Horsington and the Marsh which this scheme will help, although inevitably most of the money will probably go to those who live on the Levels

The   Council is proposing more than £250,000 in new funding to help those hit by   floods. It comes on the back of £300,000 of funding towards schemes that help   prevent flooding in the first place.

The   proposals will see:

  • A £50,000 grant to help people suffering hardship  after flooding at home
  • £200,000 in grants available for flood schemes
  • £300,000 available to work in partnership with other agencies to begin to dredge key rivers including the River Parrett (But probably not the Bow Brook -Ed)
  • A commitment to lobby Government and Environment Agency for extra flood prevention funding for Somerset.

“Cabinet member David Hall said “Last   year we also made £200,000 available for individuals and communities to   bid for funding to help prevent flooding. This year we are considering the   same again with a further £200,000. These small grants can make a huge  difference, and we are keen to ensure that Parish Councils and Community   Groups are directly involved to ensure maximum benefit to their areas.

“We   have already put aside £300,000 for river dredging. This money will be made   available to the Environment Agency and we are working with others to boost   this fund. This work includes lobbying Government and Government agencies for   additional contributions.”

Somerset County Council says it is committed to  ensuring  everyone who may be eligible for emergency relief   grants can access emergency funds swiftly. They are also encouraging anyone who wishes to help those  most affected by the floods to donate. Donations can be made via the Community Council for SomertetSomerset website or call us on 01749 344949.”

Katherine Armstrong Chief Executive of the   Community Council for Somerset (CCS) said: “Our Village Agents are out in   communities and will reach as many clients as possible who have and are   affected by the floods. Visit our website to see if you have an agent near   you or pass on our details if you know someone who may benefit from our   support service. Visit:

Details of how to apply for an emergency  flood relief grant are available on the Somerset Community Foundation   web-site

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