You really must get out more!

Les Vepres Siciliennes, by Verdi

A few of us went to see Puccini’s Turandot” at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden a week or so ago. A marvellous evening. Only £14 a head (half if you had a Daily Telegraph voucher) AND we were home in Horsington within 20 minutes of leaving the show.

How?, you may ask. OK for those with helicopters, but what about the rest of us?

Well, the show was a live relay to Cineworld, Yeovil, one of 1000 cinemas  screening the event in over 30 countries .

The picture and sound were superb, as was the performance. Such a pity it had been so poorly publicised locally.

The Blog is doing its best to put the situation right.

There are 8 more live screenings between now and June 2014. (Two in December).

Get booking!

More details here


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