Come to the Wincanton market on Sunday

Wincanton is launching a monthly street market this Sunday, September15th, from 11 am.

The Blog welcomes any initiative to liven up our nearest town and re-vitalise its shopping – it really is a case of “Use it or lose it”.

Let’s hope the initiative will pave the way for some of the empty retail properties to be cleaned up and re-let, and for the scrubland round the so-called Wincanton Gateway to be cleared and landscaped.

We hope readers will support the venture.

More details from Wincanton Window


One thought on “Come to the Wincanton market on Sunday”

  1. I have heard several independent accounts that the Wincanton Sunday Market was a pretty dire affair. Such a pity.

    We hope future events have greater success with better stalls, more variety, and stuff that people actually want to buy.

    Well done to those Wincanton shopkeepers who supported the event by opening specially on their one day off.

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