Horsington Annual Parish Meeting – 12 April

The  annual Parish Meeting and public forum is at 7.15 (after coffee and biscuits at 7pm) on Thursday 12 April at the Village Hall. Anyone who is interested in who is on the council, and what they do, should attend.

It’s your chance to ask questions and raise issues for debate, and to hold the councillors to account for the way they conduct their (and our) affairs. There is no excuse for not attending, as the only other worthwhile thing that night is “Follow That Girl” at Milborne Port, and we undestand Thursday night is already a sell out!

The agenda includes a Q and A session  with David Norris, Development Manager of South Somerset District Council’s Planning department, so you can ask him about some of the weirder planning decisions which happen.

You are also  welcome to stay for the full parish Copuncil Meeting after the open forum. The agenda includes a number of planning applications, including a 5MW “Solar Park”  at Grove Lane, South Cheriton (more details of this soon -Ed) and some correspondence with a David Ramsbottom about Wind Turbines.


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