Show sheep killed by vicious dog (or dogs) on Horsington Marsh


Survived the winter, but not a visit from a dog

No-one likes to wake up and find a field littered with dead sheep, so this is another plea to dog owners to keep their animals indoors and under control.

Four yearling show sheep and a mature ewe were killed in a dog attack on the night of Wednesday 12 October in two fields to the rear of Bow Brook and Crossing Gate cottages in Marsh Lane.

It is not clear whether the attack was by a single or several dogs, as there were no witnesses, and nothing was heard.

The sheep belonged to Valerie Pratt, who regularly wins prizes on the show circuit with her pedigree Dartmoors. Some of the yearlings were valuable prizewinners and the ewe, Labella, was a retired showgirl, a totally tame and friendly animal, a pet really.

The Gaunts, who looked after her in their paddock, were very fond of her.

Many other people in the village host Valerie’s sheep on their spare land and we are sure they will join the Blog in sending her their sympathy.

The police have been informed.

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