Mobile Phone reception survey results update

Updated 9 September: Mobile Phone reception can be very poor in Horsington and on the marsh. So which Phone network gives you the best coverage?

The Blog surveyed its readers. 30 people have taken the trouble to respond –thank you. The results are inconclusive, but this is what we found for INDOOR coverage.

Horsington The only networks used by survey respondents  appear to be Vodaphone, Orange and BT Mobile. Vodaphone and Orange reception ranges from “excellent” to “very poor”. The one  respondent on BT mobile describes it as” intermittent”.
Our verdict: Vodaphone has the edge –just, but there is a dead patch where reception is very poor.

Horsington mobile phone coverage
Vodaphone is top, but still with dead patches

Horsington Marsh Some people will be surprised that they  have mobile phones down there, but they do! Only Vodaphone gets a” Quite good” rating for indoor reception. Everyone else is varying degrees of rubbish.
Verdict: Vodaphone,  or go outside to make or receive calls.

Horsington Marsh mobile phone coverage
Vodaphone is "Quite good", but nothing else works indoors

South Cheriton Only 2 responses here. Both rate Orange and Vodaphone with “Excellent” reception.
Verdict: Insifficient data, but Vodaphone and Orange appear to be top.

North Cheriton No responses. Can someone go and wake them up?

In general so-called smartphones (iPhone,Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy etc) have much worse reception than their conventional counterparts – but they can pick up the wi-fi network in the pub.

We can hardly claim that this is a scientific survey, as the data is a bit sparse. The only way to be sure is to test friends’ phones on different networks, and see which works best for you

Click here to see the complete results in real time (For the very curious)

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