Horsington’s champion cheesemakers launch a triumphant newcomer -Gert Lush

Gert Lush? No it’s not Mrs Badger’s Stage name (she is the Horsington Blog’s favourite retired West End legend). It’s the latest fabulous cheese from Marcus Fergusson and Penny Nagle at Feltham’s Farm, Horsington. Gert Lush is an original bloomy white-rinded organic cheese. Its  a soft creamy cheese which has a delicious aroma and taste. The blog predicts it will be a real best seller. It was launched a week ago, ready for Christmas 2021.

Distinctive original labelling is a hallmark of Felthams Farm cheeses

Gert Lush is West Country dialect for “Very lovely”. Gert from Middle English, girt, or gert, meaning “great”, and “lush” meaning good, lovely or attractive when used as an adjective.

Bloomy white-rinded cheeses are covered with a white, downy rind, often a mix of  benign natural moulds and fungi. They include cheeses such as camembert and brie – although, according to Penny Nagle,  Gert Lush is neither. It’s actually much nicer.

The Feltham’s Farm distinctive Gert Lush label is created by artist and musician Jem Panufnik, whose cult following and unique approach to design helps Feltham’s Farm grow its audience worldwide -including the Netherlands, Canada, USA and France, where its cheeses are now sold regularly.

Gert lush joins an award-winning array of natural cheeses – Renegade Monk, Rebel Nun and La fresca Marguerita.

You can obtain it from Felthams Farm, down on the Marsh (ring or email first -07768 832954, , info@felthamsfarm.com ,Dike’s Supermarket, Stalbridge, and  The Truckle Truck (outside Wincanton Post Office every Friday – except Christmas Eve).

The Truckle Truck is outside Wincanton Post Office on Fridays

About Feltham’s Farm
Feltham’s Farm is multi-award winning organic cheese dairy and smallholding on Horsington Marsh. It aims to be as sustainable as possible, running on 40KW of solar panels and ground source heat, while all local deliveries are made in a 100% electric van.

Felthams Farm’s other cheeses include Renegade Monk (Best British Cheese 2020 at the Virtual Cheese Awards), Rebel Nun (Gold at Global Cheese Awards 2020), La Fresca Margarita (Best British Cheese at Virtual Cheese Awards 2021).

A herd of Oxford Sandy & Black pigs consume all the whey produced (making a very sweet parma-like ham) so there is minimum waste.

Marcus Fergusson and Penny Nagle started making cheese in 2017, having always beenpassionate about food and cheese. Inspired by their travels, they bring cheese ideas back to be developed and created in Somerset’s “Vale of Little Dairies”, Blackmoor Vale (“Tess of thed’Urbervilles” by Thomas Hardy).

CONTACT :Penny Nagle, Director.
Feltham’s Farm Ltd, Horsington Marsh, Templecombe, Somerset BA8 0EN
Tel + 44 1963 3370857
penny@felthamsfarm.com, info@felthamsfarm.com

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