WTF:Wincanton Town Festival to go ahead despite attempted ban.

You couldn’t make it up. This Saturday 26 June is the Wincanton Town Festival, an arty party for everyone in the beautiful Grounds of Greening the Earth Gallery (Formerly Clementina’s) in the High Street. From 12 noon until 9pm

The event is supported and part funded by the pompous-sounding Wincanton Regeneration Board. Tongue in cheek, the organisers decided to market the event as WTF: Wincanton Town Festival.  

At the last minute, after all the participants  had been booked and all the budget allocated, a self-righteous, self-important, and probably overpaid, bureaucrat on the board made the decision to cancel funding of the event. The reason was an objection to the acronym WTF. Did she think it stood for something other than “Wincanton Town Festival”? “Wales Triumph at Football”, perhaps? “Welcome Transgender folk”? “Whisky Tasting Fantasia”?

With 48 hours to go, the organisers appealed higher up the food chain. To everyone’s relief, common sense prevailed, and the funding was reinstated. Not sure the regeneration board’s sense of humour has, though.

What the organisers say.

“WTF: Wincanton Town Festival.

The Wincanton Town Festival mARkeT aims to be more than just a market. It aims to be a full body experience!

This one-off event is set in and around the grounds of a truly captivating 17th century manor house located in the centre of Wincanton, the Greening the Earth Gallery (formerly Clementina’s).

This historic venue will play host to a wide variety of ‘experiences’ that are sure to stimulate all the senses! Artists from all disciplines will play, display, demonstrate and sell their special talents in and around this unique and picturesque setting.

Should be fun.

Saturday 26 June – 12noon- 9pm. Live music. Art. Food. Nature.

One thought on “WTF:Wincanton Town Festival to go ahead despite attempted ban.”

  1. I’m about as far from a pearl-clutching Mary Whitehouse as you can get, but I think the name is appalling. Personally I don’t find it offensive, but it’s in poor taste and denigrates our town.

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