Superinjunctions – Silas Silage named!

Horsington Blog - Silas SilageWe promised not to report any more on the superinjunction issue. But in a shocking development, our own SILAS SILAGE has been named in connection with the latest breaking scandal.  Something to do with his last visit to a girls school, perhaps? He denies it of course. To learn more, Click here

2 thoughts on “Superinjunctions – Silas Silage named!”

  1. This just goes to show how these superinjunctions are being misused: it is good to see that ESN are not cowed by the judiciary. Next we shall, no doubt, be hearing about the inappropriate relationship between Silas Silage and Mrs B****r. I understand from a mole that SS was seen coming out of her sett in the middle of the afternoon looking decidedly ruffled and reeking of gin. How is it that a wealthy “lady” like Mrs B****r can shelter behind a superinjunction whilst Silage has his name splashed all over the red tops within a matter of hours? I understand that Mr Toad is to launch a campaign to name and shame others involved in this affair: it is just unfortunate that he is banged up for 20 years for car-jacking. Perhaps someone can think of a way of springing Toad from captivity so that he can pursue the case more openly: perhaps the judicious use of a disguise might do the trick? The public has a right to know the full story.

  2. I fear your correspondent “Rat” is misinformed. If Mr Silage was seen coming out of my residence mid afternoon, I can assure your readers that his dishevelment was a consequence of his unplanned encounter with my hedge, and that his inebriated condition was acquired some time before he tried to enter my premises, “collecting for fallen women”, as he put it. The very thought, indeed!

    I don’t think I have the honour of knowing a Mr Toad. However, an implausible toad-like woman once called seeking employment as a washerwoman, but we had just acquired a new all-in-one washing machine from Jerry’s Electrical, and were unable to avail ourselves of her services.

    I must insist once and for all that this gossip stops, or I shall have no alternative but to seek legal advice.
    Amelia Badger (Mrs)

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