Silas Silage welcomes new wine research

Daily Telegraph Wine research
From "The Daily Telegraph"

Silas Silage writes ” I have always been a keen advocate of the health properties of red wine, and it is heartening to see that this has now been recognised by scientists.

The welcome news that you need to drink only 13 bottles a day to enjoy the benefits means that some people I know will be able to simultaneousely improve their health AND cut down on their drinking.”

Can I have a job as the Blog’s health corespondent/wine correspondent?

No -Ed.

One thought on “Silas Silage welcomes new wine research”

  1. Many of us have found the benefit to our health while travellling in France of
    a light white table wine called Courvoisier, A judicious daily consumption of two to three bottles with meals can be recommended,

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